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Author Topic: Community and IF Update  (Read 4999 times)


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Community and IF Update
« on: Dec 14, 15, 02:40:06 PM »

Hello Hero Community,
    We are happy to let everyone know that servers are running and our staff and engineers are working hard, despite organizational challenges. There has been a lot of work done in the last six weeks. We know that our work is not always visible, but do know that HeroEngine and HeroCloud are up and kicking. IF Studios and Idea Fabrik are still working to continue to bring you the service and support you want and need.
Some of you may have been wondering about the two services that are not enabled right now: New account creations and Update pushes.

    We do welcome new clients to fulfill their dreams of new MMOS, we thought it would be unfair to have them purchase a HeroCloud license in case we would experience a temporary blackout. On November 20th, we disabled the new account creation/purchase of Hero Engine licenses to be fair to new comers. We do plan on turning registration/purchase of HeroEngine back on no later than first of the year.
In regards to the updates and pushes, we had to lay off engineers due to a newly arisen issue with one of our contracts. However, that is nearing a close and we are now confident that we will be able to move forward and our engineers are committed to HeroEngine.
Below are just highlights of what we are now working on right now:
       Completion of milestone outline for the next year
       Working on the back-end server in preparation for more updates
       Preparing for a nice technology update next quarter (which is a major step to a bigger update later in the year)
       Supporting all current teams with server, HSL, world and other areas of development on HeroCloud
Engineers continue to work on server maintenance, updates, support and most of all, planning for the near future.
       ALL HeroCloud Development servers are up and running
       HeroEngine support is working to help those that need direct support, help or tip
    We are 100% committed to continue to support all games and our developers, by working with them to help sort out issues, problems and continue to support their decisions is a big part of our vision.

Thank you as always,
IF Studio team
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