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Author Topic: Project Updates  (Read 1935 times)


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Project Updates
« on: Jan 11, 16, 08:13:34 PM »

This just posted out of curiosity - while we're continuing to develop our project - "Heroes and Villains" - we'd also be interested to hear how all of the other current HE projects are currently getting on - so feel free to post any new updates for yuor own projects, no matter how small they might be.
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Re: Project Updates
« Reply #1 on: Jan 11, 16, 09:07:17 PM »

I agree... we remained silent for a long time ourselves with AOH and focused more on our own work...
But if we don't attempt to benefit the community, we can't expect the community to benefit us.

If you don't want to give away game secrets, then don't.   And I won't get into that subject lol, its not profitable..

However, Its good, and common, for development teams to post some sort of progress report about their games as they develop them.  Even if you drop nothing but hints about what you're doing and give no detail... be active..

There are a number of teams actively working on projects within the HE community , and a number of them have continuously made progress reports... but many have not (raises hand) until recently.   

Whether your project is ready for Kickstarter, or you are just beginning to put your ideas together, get involved with the community and let people know who you are, and that you are going to work(or are working) on your project.

If you use skype, get involved with the skype channels(I put that off for too long, its actually beneficial).
You'd be surprised how active the channels are and how much gets discussed...

On the other hand guys, don't neglect the forums for Skype, as discussions on the forums are generally more helpful to the community as a whole, and often wind up being far more in depth and informative due to the fact one usually takes more time and thinks about what hes/shes saying before hitting submit.

If you don't like the community you're a part of, take part!

There are approx 1400 Hero Engine worlds... 

There should be 1400 threads for games even if you're just testing the waters with HE.

Anvil of Honor is still progressing, we've had a bit of a rough past month with folks being sick and other petty excuses, but still planning to begin private testing very soon.  Will post a more in depth update in the next week in the Tell us about your Projects forum.

(hides soapbox)


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Re: Project Updates
« Reply #2 on: Jan 12, 16, 12:20:39 AM »

waiting for news on the HE. My last update post is most accurate.

Kind of worked for me in the timing, super busy with work atm!

Waiting to hear.