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Author Topic: Take the new yellows they create and breed them.  (Read 74 times)


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Take the new yellows they create and breed them.
« on: Sep 21, 20, 07:42:48 PM »

Diagonal should do Animal Crossing Bells the job also! They simply have to be touching:-RRB- try isolating every set to be certain two reds or two yellows are not accidentally breeding.

Roses were my native blossom, therefore I went totally ham on these lol

I'm only a blue rose away. I'm just waiting on my pink and yellow combos to produce a crimson and then clone it and wait patiently for that sweet sweet 1 percent chance. I'm purposefully not performing any method that needs testing.

Fantastic luck! It took me two months without time traveling. I really got my blue roses from my"losers" that filmed in the hybrid reds so don't throw those away!

I'm having the toughest time with blue roses it's the ONLY flowers I haven't swallowed, and I have a few special reds I water them everyday too, pray for me

Have you tried visiting somebody else's Nook store? Every player's Nook store has a different combination of three flower species.

Breed yellow and red mums (both from seeds) together.

Take the new yellows they create and breed them.

If no green, then keep breeding until you get a green or even a purple.

When you get a purple, clone it and breed the two purple together for a 25 percent chance at making a green.

I suggest looking up flower breeding for AC on Google, there is a good deal of different combos to make a great deal of different colors of flowers. They have some basic guides made to images, but if you'd like the down low I'd assess the discord. Some are simple, such as red+white rose = pink rose, but things such as blue green and roses mums are a little (a lot) more complex. In case you have any questions, or some about specific types of flowers id be buy New Horizons Items happy to assist. Flower breeding's among my favorite areas of the game.