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Author Topic: [CAUTION] Editing Global Environments  (Read 1079 times)


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[CAUTION] Editing Global Environments
« on: Feb 16, 16, 09:51:04 AM »

The engineers have alot on their plates right now working to bring out the upgrades that everyone wants, so I'm posting this as merely a caution, and its nothing new.

If you make edits in a Play instance, you will see a pop up stating that no changes will be saved since you are in a PLAY instance.

If you make edits to a "GLOBAL" environment, even if in PLAY instance, and EVEN if you get the POPUP saying it wont be saved... it will.

Editing a GLOBAL environment regardless of what type of instance you are in, will result in the ".ges" file being updated.

You can of course revert to a previous version of the ".ges" file via the repository browser by right clicking on the .ges file and choosing history, then choose the version you wish to restore.

By default, Global environments are set to READ ONLY under the Schemes tab and to edit it you must UnCheck this.  However its very possible that one might think this is safe if they are in a PLAY instance.

Amarak discovered that this only occurs when editing a GLOBAL scheme, and so if you want to "play around" with the environment, Set the Scheme to LOCAL, then you can mess about with it without changes being written to the repository.

This isnt really a bug as the READ ONLY check is designed to prevent editing of a Global accidentally.  Its simply the PopUp that might be confusing , which was added much more recent.