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Author Topic: Community Wiki  (Read 1460 times)


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Community Wiki
« on: Mar 21, 16, 03:59:01 PM »

Hey guys,

I've setup a wiki at http://wiki.anvilofhonor.com

for a repository of community created tutorials.
At whatever point the HE wiki is rebuilt, these can be moved over to it as well.

Click Tutorials link on the main page.

Still setting it up so its not open to registrations just yet.
Using the Spec Oracle tut as an initial trial run(and get reaquainted with the markups etc lol)
and sort of setup a pattern for categories etc.

If you have ideas, or want to add your tuts , or suggestions for tuts, feel free to say so.
I'll set up a suggestions page as well on the wiki itself when i get to it.

Also, if you're aquainted with MediaWiki or php and would like to help, let me know.

I'm not doing this to show off or anything, its just so much easier to lay out tutorials in
a wiki format, and I have room to host it.