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Author Topic: Visions of Zosimos is looking for Animators!  (Read 2033 times)


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Visions of Zosimos is looking for Animators!
« on: Apr 05, 16, 02:22:52 PM »

Animator Wanted!!!

Project Summary:
Visions of Zosimos (VOZ) is a massively multiplayer online collectible card game built for PC using the HeroEngine. It is a combination of a card game with tactical tabletop gameplay along with an MMO social aspect. Based around hermetic alchemy and Gnosticism, VoZ takes players through a journey as a student of alchemy, discovering hidden secrets of the world while battling for the fate of the universe.

VOZ is a SCRUM managed Agile project under Forever Interactive LLC that offers an impressive profit sharing compensation model. We are currently building a minimum viable product of the game, while doing early customer engagement in order to give players and investors the product they want.

Team Member Requirements:
- Able to work in a virtual environment
- Excellent Communication skills
- Able to express valuable criticisms in an effective manner
- Attend weekly meetings over Ventrillo
- Able to meet individual and project deadlines
- Self motivated and confident in skills
- Passionate about interactive entertainment
- Work based around iterations
- Use SCRUM tracking software

Team Member Qualifications
- Work based on iterations
- Provide feedback on other members iterations
- Use task tracking software
- Attend weekly meetings and post updates on community page
- Communicate with other members regularly

Animator Qualifications
- Can Rig and Animate 3D Character and Objects
- Worked with Motion Capture is a plus

Animator Responsibilities
- Animate Ships and Objects using standard animation methods
- Animate Characters using Mocap
- Implement animated assets into the game engine as per technical requirements

Additional Qualifications but not Required
- Knowledge of Agile Development
- Knowledge of Lean Development
- Team leadership experience

Forever Interactive is a virtual startup company that has helped several members fulfill their internships as well as move onto better jobs within the game industry. Those who stay with the project will be rewarded bonus entitlement based on milestones reached and merit.

*Forever Interactive LLC has a loose NDA in order to allow members to work with other companies as long as there are no direct conflicts of interest.

If this is an opportunity you want, email a resume and sample work or portfolio to: