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Author Topic: Mac OS Support  (Read 736 times)


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Mac OS Support
« on: Jun 10, 16, 02:27:22 PM »

Hello! I hope you are enjoying your day!

As a quick preface: I do realize the amount of people who have rather "Strong" opinions on how the Mac is not a gaming machine, and how Macs suck for gaming, however, to satisfy my curiosity, and most certainly many other people's curiosity as well, I hope that the people with those types of opinions will keep them to themselves, and only show support, or helpful ideas.

Now, with that out of the way, I move on to my actual question,

The Mac OS platform is the preferred platform of many people, 10% of the public, at the last time that I have checked, and there are many people who want to and like to game on the Mac OS Platform. My question is mainly about the "HeroEngine" and the main game that uses it "Star Wars: The Old Republic". On http://www.macgamerhq.com/opinion/star-wars-old-republic-mac/ at the bottom of the page it references how on the MacRumors there is a thread about "Star Wars: The Old Republic" (SWTOR For short) with 10 pages, 244 comments, and around 145,000 total views, as well as the SWTOR Forums with a thread with 82 Pages, and around 900 comments. This was however April, 30th, 2013 so the numbers are will be much higher today (June, 10th, 2016). This shows that there is a significant population of people who do want to play SWTOR on the Mac OS Platform. And with the addition of Metal API for developers from Apple themselves, there is a better way than using Open GL, for developing software for Mac OS. My question is, is there any chance that you will attempt to develop the HeroEngine for Mac OS using the metal API?

Thank you for your time and Answers,
My Apologies if this has already been answered many times before,

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