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Author Topic: Mana Entertainment LLC.  (Read 2572 times)


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Mana Entertainment LLC.
« on: Jul 22, 16, 09:27:21 PM »

Hello, my name is Aaron Pettit, I am the CEO/Environmental Artist for Mana Ent. I am super happy to call Hero Engine our home for the development of a project we like to call "Atlas" and most of all super happy to embark on this journey with some of the greatest indie developers known to man right here in the Hero Engine Community. We love this engine, not just for its easy to use dev tools but we love the community that supports the growth of such a great asset to game development!

A little about myself,  I was born and raised in Nashville Tn. I became an Entrepreneur at the age of eighteen starting my own 3D printing software design company. With that came an opportunity to become an Investor for Nashville Investment Agency. I have invested in major corporations and brought up small businesses to high valued organizations. I have spent over seven years working with design and technology and with the launch of Mana Ent. we wanted to dive into the game development world and bring our imaginations to life. With the help of Hero Engine and its wonderful community, we will be able to achieve this and much more! I cannot wait to start working with all of you and most of all developing a life-long dream of designing and creating an immersive universe of imagination and creativity.

Thank You!
Aaron Pettit [CEO Mana Entertainment LLC.]


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Re: Mana Entertainment LLC.
« Reply #1 on: Jul 22, 16, 09:33:37 PM »

Welcome aboard!

Look forward to seeing your project as you progress!