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Author Topic: HTTPS incorrectly forwarding  (Read 1706 times)


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HTTPS incorrectly forwarding
« on: Jul 22, 16, 07:38:45 PM »


is set to redirect to


note: http works fine.

edit: looks like the ssl config might be bad as well https://puu.sh/qb7BK/b3cd23ee13.png
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Re: HTTPS incorrectly forwarding
« Reply #1 on: Jul 22, 16, 08:57:55 PM »

At this time no information is passed through heroengine.com at all. Not evne account information. Once the rest of the new changes come in, then we will have secure areas with our ssl certs on them before any information is to be put in.

Forums and accounts do have the ssl's set up for them and are secure as these are the ONLY places that anyone puts in any information at all:

If you do try to access the httpS it will direct you here to the forums as it should right now. I will look into the cert itself and see if it has been updated or not.