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Author Topic: Portable HeroEngine  (Read 2019 times)


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Portable HeroEngine
« on: Feb 01, 17, 06:02:21 PM »

I'm curious if anyone has successfully done, or has ideas how to install HeroBlade and launcher etc on an external hard drive. I am paranoid and like to keep all of my data literally in my pocket and have thus developed a habit of working on a number of different machines in different locations. I have a selection of different portable applications on my drive and I'd love to add HeroBlade to them so I can work when I'm not in my own office.

Oh is this my first post? well look at that.

Thanks for reading.


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Re: Portable HeroEngine
« Reply #1 on: Feb 01, 17, 06:49:18 PM »

I have my assets installed on a second drive. It all works fine as long as the drive letter stays the same!

Once you export the asset it will trim up to the HE folder so you wont have to worry about that.


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Re: Portable HeroEngine
« Reply #2 on: Feb 02, 17, 08:55:41 AM »

Good Morning Jason,
    As Nocake mentioned you can install it anywhere you like. I also have it installed on another drive, as I like to keep my c drive light and my projects separated.

    You can also have your project itself on another drive as well. Just  make sure that your root HE directory and all inside matches exactly what your structure for the blade is inside the Repository.

    Example, I have the HeroEngine installed on my D drive and my Projects installed on my G drive. This also allows me to have multiple projects.

I hope that helps and HAPPY FIRST POST! hehe