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Author Topic: The HE way of building a game client  (Read 1352 times)


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The HE way of building a game client
« on: Jan 05, 17, 11:53:08 AM »

Hi all,

This is probably an extremely noob-ish question, but I haven't managed to find a clear answer on the HE website/forum/wiki - so apologies in advance!

I represent the team behind a MMO already published in Beta - including on Steam (Early Access).

We are in the early planning phase of a massive overhaul of our product - basically, we want to build a 2.0 version of it. We're conducting research to decide whether to upgrade our custom engine, or use a new one - and if so, which one. Being our product a MMO, the HE is definitely a strong candidate.

We've already purchased a HeroBlade license for 10 team members and are exploring the functionalities of the engine / building a prototype.

To move on, we'd like to get some resources on how to create an external client build for our prototype. Not one to be delivered to external alpha testers, but rather to be installed on several machines of our own to test the real performance of the prototype, record HD videos of it, and so on.

Thank you for your time!


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Re: The HE way of building a game client
« Reply #1 on: Jan 05, 17, 12:04:29 PM »

Hello and welcome Jarkone!
    Glad to see you here. Let me start by saying what you are asking, from my understanding, is doable, however depending on your needs the options could vary.

    I would say for best understanding to email us at support@heroengine.com and we can find out exactly what your wants and needs are, as well as explore all possible options to find the best fit for your needs.

Looking forward to hearing from you via email, and once more, Welcome!

- Sarrene'


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Re: The HE way of building a game client
« Reply #2 on: Jan 05, 17, 12:41:38 PM »


Under your account manager there should be an additional downloads page with a player client download link.
You might have to click around a little to find it.

There isnt a "build" like you think. More a client that is updated when you connect to the game world. This player client can connect to any HE world. It will d/l and install the game as well as update itself when you login. The initial load may take some time just like the HE Blades initial load takes some time once you have some assets in place. Remember that in the future when you wonder why your world isnt just instantly loading after a fresh install like it normally does.

Another note, make sure your character exists in an area other than the EDIT area when loading it with the game client.
You will need to look into the instancing wiki for more information on this.

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Re: The HE way of building a game client
« Reply #3 on: Jan 06, 17, 08:15:35 AM »

The great thing about working with Hero Engine is that it is all on the cloud. There is no need for daily builds or uploading new files to other members or clients or whatever.

As Nocake has said, you just create an account for whoever needs access and they can download the installer and have access to the files needed to play your game.

As to a player client distributable, This will be compiled and ready for you when you reach a point in development of public beta testing. Once and if you reach this stage, the HE staff will work with you to do all this so you can get downloads sorted for your public players.