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NOLO Mobile VR Developer Challenge


Dear VR users and developers,
We are NOLO VR, a company dedicated to bring fully-immersive experience to Mobile VR. Our product, NOLO motion tracking system not only makes it possible to play Steam VR games with your own smartphone, but also offers positioning and tracking solutions for Mobile VR users to freely explore and interact in the virtual world. In March 2017, weíve completed a successful Kickstarter campaign, with nearly 2000 units backed and $231,491 raised.
We are thankful that developers have worked very hard to provide awesome content for PC VR. Thatís why we made NOLO compatible with Steam VR platform as well. Unfortunately, due to lack of interactive devices, the content development for Mobile VR had been much slower.
Now, NOLO is bringing fully-immersive PC VR experience to Mobile VR, together with user base of 2000+. We are excited to announce that the NOLO Mobile VR Developer Challenge starts today! Itís time for us to work together to broaden the content library of Mobile VR!
For more information, please check

Sounds interesting.  We'll keep an eye on this if we have VR needs in the future.

I am into developing own rpg game


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