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Hi all. Visiting back after a long break. How is Hero doing? I am not seeing much updates on the forums and seemingly a lot of things unfinished that I thought would be done by now..Market is one of them, Proper Tutorials is another. Is this still an active community?

Welcome back!

We are still here and around! Though a lot of conversations have moved to Discord. I do try to get some of the more relevant queries to be posted on the forums.

Tutorials have been put on the back side on our end here in lieu of updates and getting things prepped for some other stuff. However, I did see at least one new tut created and a nice thread by one of our community members.

But we are still here and all active! I do wish the couple games that are in late alpha or beta now might post something up (Pokes Prometheus and runs away).


p.s. I would poke others, but they will poke me back :P

Welcome back

We are still around. Hero engine purchased repop and are working on that. Exile online is in closed alpha. A few other projects have launched and/or are coming along nicely.

Many developers are too shy or scared to post on forums incase someone steals their ideas.

As sarrene says...we mostly chat via skype or discord. But if you post a question on here you can be sure to get an answer.

Awesome and thanks for the responses! I stepped away from 3d development for a bit and looking to get back in. I immediately wanted to see what was up here. I was working with some of the repop guys back in the TMMOKIT days and have always been impressed with what they did on Hero.

 Quick question as it has been a long time for me and I know things have changed. Can I immediately have 2-3 people test my creation or do I have to follow some guidelines before I can have non hero Engine owners test?   


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