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Author Topic: Considering on Outsourcing My Projects. :D  (Read 1858 times)


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Considering on Outsourcing My Projects. :D
« on: May 27, 18, 10:24:40 AM »

Anyone want to make a game but haven't got a good foundation yet for what kinda game they want to make? Did you join Hero Engine as an individual and not have your own Game Design Documents in place?

Me and a defunct team made a GDD which can be used as a template for your game. I'm not hiring staff or managing anything right now. My GDD and other documents are up for grabs. I am more of a story writer than a game developer.

I have a novella series universe called "Dove & Crow Saga" which is licensable.  I also have my story lore for "Death Never Accepts" (working title, will need to make your own) and GDD for "Born2Reign" as well as some random SCIFI stories. There's my teen coming of age story/ play "My First Detention from Dell House" and "the Baker Brothers VS Space."

Many projects I cannot get off the ground myself. PM if you'd like to have me work for you or be part of my team.

No purchase necessary. Skype me MORFICTION or discord morty19067#2740.