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Author Topic: Turn Off - System:HSL messages in console  (Read 234 times)


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Turn Off - System:HSL messages in console
« on: Jun 30, 18, 02:12:20 AM »

Need to be able to switch off specific (or even all) of these messages to the console from the backend.

certain external functions result in these messages being printed out in the console, and I need the use of one in particular, and even though I dont need to call it more than say.... every 5 seconds, I certainly could do without it spamming the console with this message, even if its only every 5 seconds.

Give us a way to turn off this callback message to the console for the following external function
Code: [Select]
external function UpdateAreaOffset(foreignArea as ID, offset as Vector3) as Boolean
I use this for our ship system as our ships are in special areas where the area offset of the ships area is adjusted dynamically by timer, and any clients on board the ship, must receive this offset update using this function.

Cheers for all the hard work going on!
I can live with it for now, but this would be an awesome addition :)

(finally have a near perfect ship system working with this, or I wouldn't ask)