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Can't Log On since Yesterday's Maintenence


Is anybody else on US East Server 21 Experiencing weird problems trying to connect? Until about 7 am UTC this morning - Our Game thought two of us were still logged in - Now none of us can connect to our server - Error messages tell us to check our network settings and try again. Everything here checks out - network settings are the same as they were before the scheduled maintenence when we had no problems signing in.  --- Jim Wellington in New Brunswick, Canada

Getting the same message here also.

It might be that US East server 21 is currently being worked on? (with new upgrades / updates)

6:00 pm Atlantic Time (Near Halifax, Nova Scotia , Canada )  I can connect now :) I have the message "World is now scheduled for waking up"  --- Might be taking longer than usual, but this is progress.


Original reply thanking Thazager:

Thanks, I was afraid I was doing something wrong - It's been a long time since I posted here - We've been working on and off since the cloud went live - I forgot how to change profile stuff - & My eyes are degenerating, it's getting hard to read - no problem with building areas etc, but especially LED monitors may be making things worse. If anybody reading this feels helpful - they can either tell me how to change the profile details and maybe fix the signature to bring it up to daye - Everybody esle on my team has too much 'real world job' stress for me to ask them for help... If they read this I might get my answer really quick - use my email address jimwellington  at gmail dot com or jimwellington at aerendel dot org if this is something you don't want to clutter up the forum with answers to ridiculous questions.   { If I'm going blind I must be doing something right ... }  ----- Jim

Thanks for posting


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