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"I am doing a Hero Engine project. It is meant to teach literacy for adults. I am digging an avant garde vibe to it..... like an atypical Harvey Pikar type of adventure game with few words in it at first as we follow some repenting fool as he travels from squalor to salvation."

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Hey, anyone want to learn how to Program or help contribute to an ongoing game development project?
I have access to a free community online with a message board, a website, a wiki, tutorials on YT, and a specialized game engine. This is all centered around Hero Engine which is uses proprietary computer language of its own called "Hero Script Language" (HSL).
We need artists of all kinds. From drawing to writing to music to whatever. Photography.... History Buffs... any kinda hobbyist.

Normally Hero Engine costs $100 per year for two seats. BUT I have a lifetime promotional account which you can join for free. Just volunteer your time and your patience and willingness to act as a team.
Please like, share, comment! Share with all your friends and have them share with theirs, please.

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