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This background works on a texture, but I want this background to be an area.



I want an area to be a background, how can I do that?
I want the field ID: 9223372061600022817

How can I define this as a background?

To make an area look like the map in the texture, you need to create a heightmap. To get it exactly like the map, would need someone else to input ideas.

Here are a few tutorials on making a basic heightmap.

I don't want to make a map, I want to use an existing map as a background.
If the background seems to be an image at the moment, I would like to change it as a map.

If by background, you're talking about the sky image, try this:

The problem is up to date, the problem is not the sky.
Change the field, we want the GUI Texture field to be a map instead.


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