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About Empire Smash

Empire Smash is an up and coming MMO that is utilizing the HeroEngine to create a world in which every decision has an impact on the world around you. That coupled with our unique battle system bring the game to life. The battle system is designed to trigger battles when an enemy faction get "angry" with a rival and declares war. This tied in with our faction system makes it up to the players what path in the game they want to take. Choosing glory means the player can lead other players into battle while choosing a darker path leads a player to have to stick to the shadows mostly engaging in criminal enterprise.

Images and Videos

This is a link to our example transition and logo reveal.

An example world builder map based on our own generated world map.

A sneak peak of our game interface created in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Our main menu layout based as a screenshot taken in Articy:Draft 2.

This is a small portion of our world map created using Wonderdraft 1.0.4.
Stay Tuned

This is a game in early development and stuff is liable to change come back from time to time in order to see new updates and posts regarding Empire Smash. Thanks!


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