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Unable to Develop - HE pipeline out of date

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Am currently unable to develop as HE does not support max/maya 2017, 2018, 2019 or 2020.

The pipeline only goes up to 2016. This is 4 versions/years behind current 3ds version.

This is a huge problem for anyone with no access to old versions of this software.

Having a pipeline for these new versions is a critical update in my view. Any developer with a new version of max/maya will be unable to do anything model wise.


--- Quote from: HE-CHRISTOPHER on Dec 14, 17, 06:30:49 PM ---We're aiming for a Q1 2018 release of the updated pipeline.

--- End quote ---

It was mentioned 2 years ago that updated pipelines are in the works. Its now 2019.

The main problem here is getting hold of versions of max earlier than 2017 is impossible as far as i can tell. Even if you are a full subscriber to autodesk, they only give you access to 17 onwards.

I would like to add that as a subscriber of both Autodesk 3ds Max and Mudbox and HeroEngine, it is  indeed a large hindrance to getting more work done. Also, there are a few other programs I would like to point out as being out of date besides 3ds Max and Maya.

Another program I had a hard time finding was FMOD Designer as FMOD Studios has now taken its place. I did however manage to find FMOD studios installer via an internet archive and have saved it if anyone wants to message me on where they can get it.

That aside I do appreciate the work you guys are doing and I wont be going anywhere, but please give us an update soon! I'd love to know where you guys are at.

*EDIT* So I upgraded to the Autodesk Entertainment Suit and apparently if you do that you can still access Maya 2016. Unfortunately it's not cheap so it may not be the best option for everyone...

I blame Autodesk really, for obsoleting old super stable versions of max/maya. Their business practices are really shady.

For example, most people love a certain version of a program. For me it was 2012, which may sound old but it dud EVERYTHING i needed it to. But for some dumb reason they now only give access to the last 3 versions.

So if you want to use the old and stable version, you are basically out of luck unless you find a reseller copy and thats like finding cheese on the moon.

I scoured the internet for half a day looking at how to get old versions...its like they literally dont exist anymore.

You are correct, I called Autodesk asking about it, and they told me that they don't even have the option to sell older versions even upon special request. And their re-sellers can get in trouble if they sell one. I have to agree it's a bunch of baloney but that's how it is. As for shady practices, I am not sure if I agree there, it's completely legal for a company to make such a decision because theoretically you don't have to bu their product. In our case however, as HeroEngine only supports Autodesk products for export and import to HeroEngine, we are stuck using their products for now.


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