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Introducing: StarfallV2

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Three years ago I started down the path of developing Daedalus Online.  I Failed!  I got lost and enticed by Unity3D.

Today, I am back, Introducing Starfall V2, also scifi based.

I have been interested in Sci-fi for a long time. I play lots of Sci-Fi games, and have lots of ideas to share.   As I indicated above, I got involved with Unity3D, the last few months, I found myself creating a new Server backend for a mmorpg.  Surprisingly,  or not so surprisingly it was very similar to HeroEngine.  I thought the wheel has already been invented so why do it again. Hence here I am.

I am still a solo team with big dreams.  I am NOT expecting to complete this project on my own,  but I am expecting I should be able to get a basic demo done that can be used to gather further interest by other.   My timeline for that basic demo is by the time this new year subscription runs out a year from now.

The plan for Startfall V2 is a first person Sci-Fi adventure mmorpg, while pulling lots of ideas from other games as well as my own. Why V2?  Because I have been working on V1 for a long time, its time for a change and give it new life.

The simplest idea is exploration from Earth out into the surrounding local cluster.  A more detailed version will be provided at a later date.

So with that said, I have a monumental task ahead of me. I give no guarantee I will be successful, but I sure hope you will come along for the ride.

Some of the features I want to implement.

* Personal vehicles
* hover
* wheeled
* tracked
* Land yachts (think of the cities from the movie Mortal Engines)
* Taxi Service
* Tansportation service (think trains as in star Citizen)
* Single/Multi crew space ships
* Player Cities/Housing

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