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Is this engine going anywhere?


Hi, i can't remember the last time i was in here looking at this engine and bought a license.
It's now a "legacy server"

My real question is this:
Is the engine still being developed?
Will there ever be any other supported languages?
Doesn't look like much has changed since i was here the last time a few years ago and that made me a little sad, since this tool would be perfect for small indie devs aswell.

Best thing to do is jump on the Discord where things are still lively. They are working on shortly releasing HeroEngine 2.5x and aren't a million miles away from Hero Engine 3.0

Development on the engine itself carries on as usual. Various fixes and additions in the worx.

Still a bunch of us using the engine. It is the most capable mmo engine out there and id still reccommend it over any other.


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