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Camera system progress(help needed)


     I'm a newer user to hero engine have been learning all the aspects in the hero engine. I was able to get some help on start of the camera system and I went through trying to add aspects from documentation to achieve what I need but with no luck. This tho will come with experience. So I was seeing in maybe you guys could help me out, going to go backwards and retry to get this working. I have attached text file with start of code without my attempted changes.

Also I do want to note that I am looking for a mentor into my progression into hero engine. I will be paying for the mentorship.


This is the camera system I'm want to replicate or make better as I am creating a 3v3 topdown arena game. Example below.


In the opening scene: this is using Panto() in the character selection area, a function from Externalfunctions script.  Then its set to follow the character around in area, but from 1 side only. (limiting, making it seem like fake 3d). When player char dies, the camera uses another Panto() type function (preset following pattern) spinning around the character. During the fight, it appears as though the player can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.


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