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Trying to transition the GAME camera from third person to first person


i want to make that the main camera (GAME) can zoom until the center of the character that way offset would be 0.0 and you could see from inside the head of the character.

i get very far in the code and i didn't found why the GAME camera can't get closer to the character. it always stops at offset 0.094

the other way would be create from 0 another camera like FP_Camera or something. new cameras can be in 0.0 offset

Please i need your help, thanks   ;D


Have you tried changing the zoom factor by which it moves towards the character in mousewheel() ?  There might also be a setMinDistance function in the _external functions client side, which might be keeping it from getting closer.

I sometimes scan thru those helpful functions in the external files to see other features the engine has, but does not always show right out front. They have them organized by categories. It might be somewhere the bounding box function.

I have added a few pics on discord to show how close we have the camera setting - min dist.


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