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This is another experimental board we've created in response to developer feedback. Feel free to post a thread about the project you have in development. Tell us about your game, cool stuff you have planned. Show off pics, videos, concept art, examples of game systems. Get us interested in your project, or use it to solicit feedback. Update the post anytime you have new things to show us and feel free to bump with any new info for great justice.

My concern posting here(I don't understand the full legality of it) is any unique ideas could be taken and i would have no legal recourse to take. Shouldn't other people be worried about any pre-production designs on the internet?

everyone has ideas...it only becomes a legal issue if someone copies EXACTLY what you are doing...every idea has been made in some variation or another. So they would need your code,your models exactly everything you have...I am sure your idea is not that original

1) Most ideas aren't really unique as they are already inspired by lots of other ideas and there is a chance the exact idea or a very very similar one to the one you have ... .. that someone already though of it anyways and maybe scraped it cause it wasn't good enough ... or maybe someone is already working on it's implementation.

2) This place is full of developers and my guess is that most of them already have some game concept and are working on implementing it so they won't really have time to steal your idea and make a game out of it.

3) I think ideas are overrated. Idea isn't the key to success, it's the implementation of the idea that really matters and I think that a lot of people seem to be forgetting that.

If I had a game idea that was concrete and my own, I personally wouldn't mind if it was "stolen" as long as someone else had to go ahead and make it work while I sat on the sidelines in affrontery. :D

Anyway, I was just made global mod for our forum about the game. http://www.born-to-reign.net/forums/


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