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Author Topic: Not Sure If This Will Work, But You Asked For It  (Read 4358 times)


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Not Sure If This Will Work, But You Asked For It
« on: Aug 31, 11, 11:25:36 AM »

Since most users of these forums already are working on a HeroEngine Project they most likely aren't the best place for recruiting, but the developers have asked for it, so here it is. Keep an up to date thread on opportunities you have available within your team and your project. Feel free to give a brief description of your project here, but provide a link to your project thread in the the other boards, instead of duplicating the information.

Also, remember, trying to recruit engineers for an unpaid project that only has writers and world builders is a very very difficult prospect. I'm reminded of the age old adage in MMOs: If you have a group with only DPS in it and are shouting "LFM, need healer and tank"; you aren't Looking for More, you're Looking for Group.  ;)
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