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Author Topic: Agressor Intro [Hacked from thread]  (Read 2041 times)


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Agressor Intro [Hacked from thread]
« on: Aug 15, 11, 02:36:56 PM »

Hello, Im Robert Boles. I live in Columbia, PA.

Im an Engineer/Artist/3d Modeler/and Finger Poke Coder for about 15 years now. I must say the Technology has really advanced in the last few Years.

I am presently working on "Aggressor". A Pvp, RvR, PvE Tank combat MMO. I am using Shiva3d at the present time. And the thought of switching to Hero is to good to pass up.

www.aggressoronline.com is where the game is at now. If the server is up you can play it. Its pretty far along. I am now Sandbox testing Hero to see if I can make the Engine switch in any sort of reasonable time. That being said, Shiva3d is a Nightmare to try and code an MMO in. Shive3d simply isn't Built for "Big" Games. Its an Ipod store App Generator. Which it absolutely excels at. To bad Im not making an Ipad App.

Hero, CANT be any worse. "Shiva Lua" just isn't that good of a language to do much of anything bigger than an Ipad App.

I think I have applied for my own world. But im not sure. I used https://account.heroengine.com/signup/hcb If that was not the correct place to apply, could someone direct me to the right spot? This whole Hero Terminology seems a little confusing right now. But As Im reading more, its stating to get better.

Hope this is the Beginning of some Great games for all. And maybe even make a little coin in the Process.

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