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The 5th Realm
« on: Sep 07, 11, 10:26:02 PM »

The 5th Realm is not an alternate time line genre but rather an alternate developement genre that is in our own time line.

The back story starts around 50,000 years ago when some of our ancestors chose to leave Earth because of a series of natural disasters.  They were the Atlanteans and used some of their crystalline based technologies to jump to other planets.  The fifth one they jumped to was where they ultimately decided to settle down.  If you haven't already, you can see a few more pics/mock-ups here and read a little more of the back story  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMV4y52CzfQ).   ;)And I'll pitch my short story book again while I'm at it (http://www.amazon.com/Stories-from-the-Realms-ebook/dp/B005HE7RJQ).  By the way, Stories from the Realms series also includes stories about people and events that are on Earth (the first realm) and in the other 3 realms as well during this time in the back story.

The description for the video only covers a small part of the back story as it is quite extensive on its own but to keep the length of this post down I'll just say that these people have been on this planet in the 5th realm nearly this whole time, independantly developing their own cultures and technologies.  Some of them have even regressed while other groups have jumped way ahead, not unlike Earth in that respect.  This paves the way for The 5th Realm as a true sandbox MMORPG.  Some of the main aspects of the game (and a few of which will not be implemented right away) that I will name off the top of my head are:
-inventory based character storage and trading (as with most MMORPGs)
-a unique, collection-based, incremental armament system
-regular armor and clothing that most MMORPGs have
-ground, air and sea ships and mounts that are pilotable by players (maybe even an orbital ship or 2 as well)
-skill trees and boxes that a player can specialize in rather than being stuck with
-a unique "physical" crafting procedure that allows players to harvest resources in real-time (meaning that if you need a 100 trees to build a guild hall then you or someone who can help you must go and actually cut down the trees), craft the pieces and put together a final object
-a player can be a master in The 5th Realm but they can also use more skill points and go even higher to a supreme master crafter, healer or fighter
-player maintained housing - even though this is a major undertaking, players will have control over their own houses, what goes into them and can buy their own land (all player housing has already been designed and some of it can be seen in the video)
-master level fighters will be able to make their own quests using existing game assets
-all supreme master level players will be able to submit a design of theirs to dev artists for permanant placement in the game
-multiple races and player professions to provide variation to players
-guilds and social interaction
-PvP, PvE group and solo
-First Person Shooter style PvP arenas
-so far, over 100 different themed missions in addition to standard hunting, delivery and retrieval/rescue missions

This is a fairly good take on a very simplified form of what I have in my Game Design Document.  As you can see, I have a fair amount of content and I'm ready to start on this.  I just need Max or Maya and it would be nice to have another artist help with the content.

Although I'm sure it goes without saying for nearly everyone in these forums it would also be nice to find a way to get paid for this so I can do it full time, hence my plea for angel investors in my video.  Even so, now that some personal life events are out of the way, I can now devote more time to this.
I see it all in my mind.