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Free rigged character models - expires 9/15

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The folks over at have an offer going until 9/15 for free semi-custom rigged character models. Semi-custom meaning you can pick and blend between base options for features and clothing and generate a new, textured and rigged (including a decent facial rig) model which you can download (FBX, BVH) for free. I'm not going to comment on quality as that is pretty subjective but given the sheer number of HE teams in the PREVIEW phase, I'm guessing there is a lot of programmer, student and placeholder art out there that is about as appealing as old people in speedos - this post is for you.

thanks for the heads up, great to see back in the forums again :) . good luck.

Definitely want to take advantage of this for place holder work until I get to creating my own art for HE.

As I haven't gotten into that aspect of HE yet, any suggestions on what settings to choose for export?

Should I export as quads or tris?  Does facial rig work with bones or blendshapes?  Does any of this matter?

Thanks in advance.

I took a look at this. Their pre-made characters are actually quite nice. Here's the deal though, you get the character for free but you have to purchase an animation to put on it. Otherwise you've just got a character that stands there in t-pose. The Animations start at about $20 for your basic idle animations.

You do get to customize the pre-made characters with a large assortment of clothing and facial styles. You can even string together a series of animations. You can also upload your own character mesh if you just need it animated.

in the long run I see this being more useful for npc's that just need a basic animation. Judging by the animations available I think you're going to run into the range of several hundred if not thousands of dollars to animate a player character.

I exported using quads, and didn't really worry about much else except "include normals" and "include specular" because I want those to unwrap the textures so I can turn them into a heromaterial. But then I'm just going to use them for basic npc's, so I don't need facial rigging.

hope this helps.

Yes, you can buy animations from them and that is obviously what they would like but you don't have to. You can bring the rig into motionbuilder, max, maya, etc and do your own animations by hand or get your mocap data from elsewhere and there are many free  options like, you can buy them elsewhere from companies like or you could even roll your own on the cheap using kinect/motionbuilder


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