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Author Topic: I'm not sure how much I can say about ours yet.  (Read 2808 times)


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I'm not sure how much I can say about ours yet.
« on: Sep 23, 11, 01:50:22 PM »

Hello Everyone;

I'm Edward Hunter, producer for the 'as of yet unnamed' MMORPG.  I was a GM for the Simutronics game DragonRealms, and also a world building GM for Heroes Journey using an early version of HE way back when!

Since then, I've done a lot in gaming.  Notably, I was head of gaming research for media mesaurement company comScore, where I lectured at GDC and other places on the state of gaming, audience growth, trends, etc. 

It's an honor to be amongst a crowd with such talent and vision.  In reviewing this particular thread, I have to say that I'm both impressed and humbled by the projects already underway, and can only hope that our endeavor proves as interesting and exciting.

We just got our license, and so we're really still ramping up in the area's of staffing and conceptual design.

You watch in horror as a shameless plug barrels down on you with unstoppable force.
I know everyone is busy with their own projects, but I am looking for Maya folks.  I only have one.  We are offering project revenue share commensurate with contribution.

I'm not sure how much I can say about our project just yet.  Suffice it to say that, its a combination of bringing new things to the MMORPG genre, and bringing back some long lost loves from the past.

[Insert statement that brags about having played every MMO since the Stone Age here.] 

Everyone reading this has 'been around', of that I'm sure, hence why you are here now.  Until we get things a bit more set in stone I will say a few choice things about the project:

-- If it looks like you could open it, you probably can, even though it might be empty or locked.
-- Death is very dangerous.
-- Be careful who you mess with, looks will be decieving
-- Purples are great, but how about something only you alone possess?
-- Content grind issue: solved.
-- Youngsters welcome, but targeting mid demo, Male/Female 24+ years
-- In a rush to get to the top?  Disapointment awaits. 
-- Practice makes perfect and it will show.

We're not looking to unseat WoW.  We're not trying to have a playerbase of millions who are reduced to hundreds when the 'Next Big Thing' arrives.  What we are trying to accomplish is a world, a character, relationships and experiences that you fall in love with, feel immersed into, be surprised and delighted by.

We're targeting a higher pricing structure than most MMO's and not only do we realize that this will price us out of the market for some, we hope it does.  Yes, there will be a 'free trial', but there will also be basic and premiere levels of membership, the differences between the levels representing convenience, player housing, special events, and more.  Never will real world money or subscription fees give you access to content, items or abilities that give you an 'edge' over others paying less.

In reading this over, I realize that it's a lot of hot air without some specifics.  They exist, I'd love to talk endlessly about them, but some are unfortunately very proprietary approaches.  When I'm able to describe more, I will.

Forgiving me of any ignorance, I did notice that some folks working on projects are pretty elaborate in describing them.  Are we protected by an agreement or NDA on the boards I'm unaware of, or rushed past by accident?  If so, I'd be very happy to talk in more detail.

Kind Regards,

Edward Hunter Aka Xinphinity
Producer and Lead Designer, 'As of yet unnamed'


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Re: I'm not sure how much I can say about ours yet.
« Reply #1 on: Sep 26, 11, 09:32:38 AM »

Hey Edward,

Long time no see!   Glad to see you made it back home to HeroEngine!


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Re: I'm not sure how much I can say about ours yet.
« Reply #2 on: Sep 26, 11, 04:22:00 PM »

Welcome to the show and I can definately see the golden age of simu influences on your design ideas.  This sint a bad thing and I am not ashamed to say basicly everything in your design concept you listed is also in mine... Fast leveling, reach the end in an mmorpg... bah why is there ever an end or a top in an endless world?

Unique items... oh yeah gotta have those... why should every player be a paper doll of another player?

death dangerous.... hell yeah... you frack up and I send your character to oblivion!  ok there is always a way to prevent this but it requires you to not be a total moron.  And no i dont mean you will be visiting Bethesda Studios Elder Scrolls for a vacartion.