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Author Topic: Ode to the online game designer  (Read 1863 times)


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Ode to the online game designer
« on: Oct 02, 11, 04:30:17 PM »

hope ya gets the giggles here, was looking at the description of this forum topic and figured why not :)

Ode the the Online Game Designer.

As we sit and ponder
Our heads and eyes do wander
over line after line of coding
are we all filled with forboding?

Sit and stare, hope and pray
that our poor code will in turn sway
the gamers to enjoy our worlds
our thoughts and ideas unfurled

Our eyes turn to burned out coals
feet are doing some tile patrols
The head is full of throbbing thoughts
Fingers are a mass of knots

will this work i plot and pray
or in the end will it betray
This class wont work it wont compile
i glare at this vile file

why oh why is this so hard
should i just click discard
i grit my teeth and try again
and i see it plain as plain

the way to success in coding is
to be at the top in this new Biz
be one part fool
and 3 parts mule!