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Author Topic: ohai! we ish Seals of Avalon  (Read 1947 times)


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ohai! we ish Seals of Avalon
« on: Sep 27, 11, 01:05:49 PM »

Truth is...

We are silly, we are fun, we constantly prank eachother while designing our would using the GM Notes whiteboard drawing things...  :o

We are gamers, we are fighters, we are follower's of our deity the Nyan Cat!  ::)

Meet the Team:
MassDivide, aka Kyo : Scripter,Project Manager,Portable ATM, Super Nerd, Greyhat Hacker and total ladies man.

Rudy: Lead Developer, Lead Terraformer (total genius), Adept Modeler, good with kids, likes long walks thru molten lava with his guild on World of Warcraft.

Sillymoose, aka Millysoose: Terraformer, Mascot, Smartarse, Troll, Thinking Cap Man. Great at bashing my ideas and apologizing later.     sometimes....

Dopie, aka iDope: Elitest, Terraformer, Tester, Loremaster and villiage bicycle.

Sumthing: Organizer, Leader of R&D, Professional, total brown noser, loves poddles and pokemon.

Devil: MassDivide's brother, doesn't know a darn thing about how to build a game. Great at figuring stuff out... Can order pizza's like it's nobody's business.

Rayne: MassDivide's warden, aka wife. Not someone you want to mess with. Most women sleep with a dagger under they're pillow, she sleeps with an AK-47 with Chainsaw bayonet.  :-X She makes sure her game gets finished on time. Cause she wants to play.... NOW.

Crow: Everyone needs a token black guy, this is ours and he loves every second of it. He's strong like an OX and finds more bugs in any game than seasons of glee... too soon? Total Anime junkie and great at making storylines, Lead Tester, incharge of Testing, sleeping, eating, bathroom breaks, and testing.

We welcome everyone to jump into our ventrilo, poke in and troll us while we work like underpaid shoemaking elves at the keebler factory. *fist shake*


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Re: ohai! we ish Seals of Avalon
« Reply #1 on: Sep 29, 11, 12:05:37 AM »

AKA:  SpiritWebb on other forums!
Project:  OuterNet * Virtual Worlds